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Ubisoft reta a los jugadores a desafiar el sistema impuesto

'Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag' retará a los jugadres a alcanzar la gloria y la fortuna a través de la vida pirata y partiendo de una violenta cruzada eludiendo las leyes

David Cabezas
07/10/2013 18:45
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tapionvslink 08/10/13 04:29:07
interesante, bueno aqui le dejo unanoticia interesante a los reporterosde blogocio

Project CARS For Wii U Features Particle Shadows, Multi-Threaded Shadowing
If you thought the Wii U version of Project CARS was going to be a softcore port from its PC brethren, think again. Slightly Mad Studios released changelogs for the upcoming high-end racer for PC, current-gen consoles and the Wii U, and it appears Nintendo's console-that-could is actually getting on quite well. picked up the build logs from SMS, where gamers get to find out some of the things the team has been working on with various builds across the home consoles, in this case, the Wii U.

We find out some neat details, such as the system making use of multi-threaded shadow renders, which means that the shadows will render quickly and in a high quality on Nintendo's system. There's also a mention of increased thread priorities, the HUD being optimized, along with being able to rotate HUD objects (which seems to hint at using the GamePad to potentially change their orientation).

Also worth noting is that just about all the high dynamic physics from the PC version seems to be making the jump onto the Wii, including car damage, tire buckling and ride height adjustments.

Nintendo Enthusiast makes an observant note about the threading techniques Slightly Mad Studios is using (or where they are at the current build logs) and estimates that the Wii U hasn't even been maximized with its CPU potential, with the writer stating...
Other information about the Wii U version that isn’t widely known is that the game appears to only be using 1 out of the 3 cores available for use on the Wii U, something Shin’en Multimedia has admitted to only be using for it’s Wii U eShop game, Nano Assault Neo.

That is awesome if it is true.

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david2310f 08/10/13 04:08:56
fuck the system
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soragranda 08/10/13 02:18:30
desafiar el sistema impuesto.....dAFUq..........
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Mechanich 07/10/13 21:48:59
vaaaale, pero que antes bajen el precio del juego....
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