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Lista de Trofeos: Virtua Tennis 2009

Iván Díez
21/05/2009 22:38


Lista De Trofeos de Virtua Tennis 2009 (En Ingles)

Con nuestro Nadal en portada, nos encontramos ya con los trofeos oficiales del titulo "Virtua Tennis 2009", la nueva entrega del que para muchos es el mejor juego de tenis, donde por fin podremos disputar partidos online desde Playstation 3.

Esta es la lista completa de trofeos:

Platinum Trophy
All trophies unlocked
Gold Trophies
First Among Equals
Rank #1 in the world in World Tour
You are Gold!
Complete every academy mission with a gold medal in World Tour
Win King of Players tournament in World Tour
Silver Trophies
Access all Areas
Purchase every court pass in World Tour
Style Guru
Use every basic play style in World Tour
Go Pro!
Turn professional in World Tour
Leader of the Pack
Become the number 1 amateur in World Tour
National Treasure
Win the Davis or Fed Cup in World Tour
Bronze Trophies
Hit a line judge
One Small Step...
Win your first match in World Tour
...One Giant Leap
Win your first tournament in World Tour
Make friends and influence people
Make friends with 8 characters in World Tour
Quick and Easy
Play 25 events in Play mode or Network Games mode
Loving It
Achieve 25 love games
Breaking the Speed Limit
Hit a serve over 200kph/124.28mph
Big Hitter
Achieve 250 max serves
Pushing it to the Max!
Achieve 3 consecutive max serves in a match
Different Strokes
Win 400 stroke points
Win 300 volley points
Super, Smashing, Great!
Win 200 smash points
Aces High
Score 100 aces
Over the Top
Win 50 lob shot points
Drop and Give Me 50!
Win 50 drop shot points
Your Country Needs You!
Be selected for the Davis or Fed Cup team in World Tour
Practice Makes Perfect
Win 10 practice matches in World Tour
Training to Win
Clear a level 8 training game in World Tour
School's Out
Clear each academy mission in World Tour
Purchase 100 different items from the shop in World Tour
Versatile Male
Win a match with all default male pro players
Versatile Female
Win a match with all default female pro players
Last Man Standing
Beat all default male pro players
Last Woman Standing
Beat all default female pro players
Competitive Streak
Complete 10 online ranked games in World Tour
Social Animal
Complete 10 friendly online games
Block and Roll
Clear a 15 block combo in Block Buster
Dr. Doolittle
Feed all types of animals in Zoo Feeder
Sink 3 galleons in a single game of Pirate Wars
Cherry Picker
Collect 10 cherries in a single game of Avalanche
Perfect Frame
Clear the table of balls in order without missing in Pot Shot
Ham and Eggs
Turkey on level 6 or above of Pin Crusher
Marathon Man
Run a total of 10km/6.21 miles
Grass Stains
Play 100 matches on a Grass Court
Play with Clay
Play 100 matches on a Clay Court
Astro-Carpet King
Play 100 matches on an Artificial Court
King for a Day
Unlock secret player King
That Duke's a Hazard!
Unlock secret player Duke
Gold Medalist
Unlock every gold medal in the game
Them Bones
Play the Meat Defender training game wearing the full Skeleton clothing set
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